2 Feb 2010

The Call of Cold Hard Welsh Concrete

For me Newport has always been associated with a quick drive over the Severn Bridge into Wales and skating the indoor park "Skate Extreme" complete with puddles and damp wood. It would generally be a winter skate otherwise we'd be at the Deaner or George's Park back in Bristol. But now Newport has a new outdoor concrete park.

As with a lot of concrete parks in the UK it has it's foibles. There seems to be just a little it too much flat on all the bowl sections and what flat there is is really quite rough. It's not quite Romford Rough but it'll steel your speed if your not careful.

Having been off the board for three months or so, It was time to have a cruise round the collection of concrete trannies and bowls on offer that all link in quite nicely but still demand a bit of working out to keep you speed to hit the stuff you want to.

January skating can quite often be a slightly slow affair. What with the crap weather and waves of illness over the last month it was great to be back at a concrete park shout at each other and tanking it round a park that tricks you into wanting, no needing, to get speed as quick as possible and then do all you can to keep going fast, faster...

Joe had skated here before and was all about the transfers. Here is a sequence of the Ollie_to-50:50 version in the low winter sun.

There were other little bits to mention but I'll leave that for later in the week.

Thanks to Dave, Sarah and Mabes for putting us up for the trip.