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27 Aug 2009

The Next Illogical Step

I've been the proud owner of an iPhone for a while now, it's ok. Crap for photography and can't even shoot video (I'm 3G not the all new bells and whistles 3Gs). My old LG viewty was the best at little gorilla videos, I miss it.

But today I've found something the iPhone can do well.. shoot sequences.


Of course a little bit of animation work is required in post production, still, this little test goes to show that off the cuff skate sequences are not too far away from this blog right here.


24 Aug 2009

The Bournemouth Bundle

It's been a very, very long time, well over a decade, since Jay, Trig, Gatesy and I all skated together. This Saturday down at King's Park in Bornemouth we got ourselves organised enough to be down there by 10.30 in the morning.

I love this park, especially at 10.30 AM when you have it to yourself. It has a little bit of everything and you can get some serious speed up through the tranny section towards the bowl at the end which then fires you back to a sweet hip back into the 100 ft of mini ramp transition back to the street area. All day I tell ya.

After killing ourselves for the first 2-3 hours without stopping we got some food and came back to have a slightly more relaxed session. We knew that Zac, Alan and Harry were on their way so it was time to regroup before they arrived.

At 4 pm they arrived. 4 hours in the car from London in 30 degree heat, Nice! Harry's face said it all.

But did he let that stop him? Did he let the armada of BMXers that arrived about ten minutes after them stop him, did he get over the fence into the park just shake his head and clamber back out of the park? Well, yes he did. BUT.. a little before the end of the session he got his chakras aligned with the help of some warm cider and decided to get to know bowl-to-mini hip a little bit better.. and hey presto!

Zac was haring it about the park one minute and networking the next. I missed my chances to catch him on film as I was too busy trying to remove as much skin from my left arm as possible in the bottom of the bowl..... twice!

Alan on the other hand caught me early. He was loving the transition at the other end of the park that runs over the driveway, nice long smiths and his latest favorite grind, the Suski. Here's the sequence of the Suski grind in scorching heat.


So the day is going pretty well. The sun is out, the park is starting to clear out a bit, less BMXs for sure, and then who do I spot over the other side of the park? Kev McKeon. Kev was sporting all new Death board, hat and tee as a result of getting hooked up and now riding for Death, nice work Kev, hats off to Nick too.

Kev's always up for ripping, and today was no exception, this sequence is just a taste of the shot's I got in he space off about 5 minutes. Kev has an admirable habit off staying on his board.


Before we knew it it was 6:30 and time to get back on the road. As Kev so depressingly put it "Well that's the end of summer then." I'm hoping the Sun's going to hang around into Autumn for a while.

Get praying.


17 Aug 2009

Love the Cradle

I remember the first couple of weeks after the new version of Cantelowes opened. The street course was small but always pretty busy, probably too busy. The bowl was the bit that I got most excited about, especially the cradle.

I've only managed to notch up a few backside grinds on the cradle and have watched as it got ridiculous with F-S Airs, Backside Airs, backside D's, I vaguely remember a B-S Smith too, it's almost all been done.

Here's some footage from a while back of Ross and Aaron showing how it should be done

Of course skateboarding being what it is, there's always other ways to use the cradle. While getting his legs warmed up Marcus thought he'd have a look.


Take it easy and enjoy this dry weather while it lasts.