27 May 2011

Dancing To The Tune of a Hot Day in May

I finally got round to putting this thing together. 

Since last Saturday's skate at the Fox Spot I've been battling on my bike against gail-force winds, thunder storms, torrential rain, what I'm sure was a mini-tornado going round Hammersmith roundabout and generally being too busy to skate even if the weather wasn't like a cautionary tale from the bible.

So have a look at the video below and take solace in the fact that there will be more days this year as hot as last Saturday, there are great places to skate in London both public and secret and the weather-men says it's dry on Sunday, let's hope it stays that way.


21 May 2011

Quiet Times Can Be The Raddest Times.

Got out to have a skate down at the now officially named "Fox Spot" today.

I manged to forget to take either of my digital cameras but did.have two film cameras, so shots will follow in the near future along with a throw-away edit.

I still can't believe that on Saturday like today Johners, Martyn and I had the place to ourselves for quite a while.  A guy by the name of Jamie arrived and was a good edition to the session.

Later on Fos and Pullman and a couple of friendsarrived and Chris got a nice sliding front rock on the jersey, then had a rest. Hopefully see a bit more of those guys down there.


20 May 2011

Time Out from Fatherhood for a Test Skate at K-Town.

The last couple of weeks have been taken up with all that is associated with becoming a Dad.  I don't need to go into it all here other than to say, if it happens to you, make sure you watch the baby's head come out. Nothing will ever top that moment, ever.

Obviously getting out for a skate has been tuff, and not the highest priority but after 10 days it was perfect timing. Whip was up in London staying with Johners and the Kingston park was officially open as of Sunday.  So off we went.

Being a Sunday it was always going to be packed and so it was.  Plenty of skaters, BMXicans and too many scooterists (one is too many), way to many.  The number of people meant one thing.  No fast lines at all.  I had a coming together with a BMX and a verity of kids within the first 5 minutes. So we ended up sticking to the bowl area.

The first impressions of this park are that it would be sick if you and 6 of your mates are there alone, but at the weekend it's just going to be impossible to use the whole park.

Dan and Max were already at the park when we arrived but before too long the Brighton sunshine bus arrived with Sam, Jamie Aaarrgh and Stevie who wasted no time getting involved.  

It wasn't long before I had been caught out by the astro-turf patch at the side of the mini-ramp section that fired me onto the green painted unfinished-concrete, which eats skin at an alarming rate, my palms and knees still remind me of this fact nearly a week later. Stigmata can make changing a nappy even more of a challenge.

Martyn also put in an appearance and started getting over excited from the word go.  A little session  on the spine and extension was just hotting up as the 2 hours of sleep the night before started to catch up with me so I pulled out the Lumix and grabbed a few shots just to prove it all really happened.  At least I've finally weened myself off that bloody phone-cam obsession.

So fingers crossed there'll be another session over the weekend worth sharing.

Johners en-route to the Park

Whip taking evasive action

Mixing astro-turf and raw concrete can take it's toll

Sam over the gap

Stevie poppin' and droppin' onto the non-riding surface

Martyn, Jamie and Johners, only one of them is scratching his arse.