30 Jun 2010

Influenza and the Power of Forgiveness

I know it sounds obvious but contracting the Flu and Tonsillitis at the same time is no fun at all and has a detrimental effect on your skating and social calendar. That was what happened to me last week.

The fight back starts here.

I mentioned the Jamie VS Adam nose grab competition at Meanwhile the other week and explained that Adam won. I did however forget to post any photo's of the victor.

So Adam, forgive me.


22 Jun 2010

The Talent Trumps the Tech.

Just a quick one today.

Phil has been skating Meanwhile for a few years now and continues to destroy the place on every visit.

What makes this special is that he does so on boards that are so thrashed, they have literally 3 inches of tail and sometimes even less nose.

Sure having epoxy glue and fiberglass layers in with your maple ply can help but Phil is continually proving that the board has far less to do with it than the talent of the guy stood on it.

Phil hitting up the hip at Meanwhile with a standard Method.


15 Jun 2010

TEST: The Dangerous World of Mobile Blogging.

In an attempt to fill the gaping holes in this blog that tend to appear whenever I leave the country I've decedied to embrace mobile blogging. I am typing this outside the John Snow on Broadwick Street W1, it's not the romantic world of mobile blogging that I imagined. Dodging tourists and gossipping office girls while trying not to get hit by motorcycle couriers while crossing the road and typing " Yeah, you too mate! I was looking! Prick."

The other element of the test is the ability to post photos. Right now they"ll all have to be iPhone jobs so a little dodgy to be honest. But here's a selection, hopefully, taken in the last twenty minutes in and around Soho.


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14 Jun 2010

Meanwhile Gardens Gallic Voodoo Child

Sunday morning in west london was a bright and Sunny one, right up until I threw my board bag on my back and got by bike out of the shed... then the dark ominous clouds came upon the day. This was just one of those things. I made myself feel OK about it by sticking a spare black-bin-liner in my bag to protect my board should it start raining on the ride up to Meanwhile Bowls.

Thankfully it was dry the whole way there and it didn't managed a single drop all day, despite the passing of many a dark cloud. As a result the park was really quiet leaving Adam, Jamie, Alan (fresh from his trip to France), Zac (with Poet in tow) Jotham, Phil and Myself to get on with the serious business of having fun on our boards.

Alan was kind enough to bring back a vintage bottle of Cidre back from france for Jamie and it seemed to have a form of medicinal, almost voodoo-like effect on Jamie's skating.

The Lien Air challenge, between Jamie and Johners was resurrected, and Jamie was like a man possessed. Even after Johners made the nose-grab air over the hip (winning the prize of one pint of lager) Jamie would not be deterred. He was throwing his board down and flying round the bowl and heading for the hip like his life depended on it. As he bailed an attempt he would hit the ground running and get straight back up to the top for the next run.

And then...

Of curse he crowd went wild... although Poet couldn't have given any less of a shit.

Keep an eye out for a few more shots from Sunday's Meanwhile session over the next couple of Days.


11 Jun 2010

It's all about the Kevs

Friday already and it's all happening.

You may have seen this on other media outlets but it's time that [LIALC] got it out to the masses, in order to make sure no-one misses out. The footage features team riders from Kev McKeon's new venture, Stand-Up Skate Shop.

Riders include Miguel, Tim Prozorov, Aaron Sweeney, Kevin McKeon, Nicola Del Sarto, Marcus Adams and Alex Lally who have moved with Kev to the new 100% Skater Owned Shop based at Bay 66.

You know a I mentioned that there was something due to happen over at the Witchcraft site.... well it's happened.. check it out HERE . Top work boys.

As I've been busy doing other things for a while I decided it was time to pull out a few shots from the archives, so here's one of the other Kev (Firth) skating the Oxford Street benches while out for a bit off filming with Alan Christensen for his Nightriders film.

Here's the full finished edit so you can see the what else happenned that night.

Right I'm off to figure out where I'm going tto skate at the weekend.



8 Jun 2010

The Lords of Hell and some Sweet Boards too.

If you haven't heard of Witchcraft Hardware then you need to sort it out. French has been putting out amazing work other skate companies for a number of years now and finally the natural progression has come to pass.... Witchcraft is here.

As the old saying goes, "You don't have to be down with the occult... but it helps". That's right, French is taking his love of all things Dark and Festering and putting those twisted visions of ritualistic beauty onto some proper wood and some hoodies, Tees and the like.

The Team is small but packed full of shred. Sam Roberts, Jamie "Argh" Morley who are friends of the Lizard Mag and who probably owe quite a chunk of this signing to appearing in the pages of the Lizard In A Lab Coat zine (Just saying). The third team rider is Jake Snelling who I've not met but Jamie says is seriously good.

Jamie has been slept on for a while now and it's good to see him getting hooked up by a company that feels like a good fit for him and for Sam, who's been skating with passion and a fair bit of gnar for as long as I've known him.

You can check out the scenario and keep up with developments at Witchcraft Hardware where you can also find your local stockist. I've been reliably informed that something is due to happen on Friday (wink wink). Don't quote me though.

Here's a shot of Jamie jamming it up a wall.

When asked for a quote about the impending invasion of the Witchcraft Hoards, here's what French had to say:

Artificial fucking peace
Line up in a death row
Generals in their slow defeat
Diminished from this hell
Banished from the dying world
The lords of hell await
Dogs of war are helpless prey
To immortality

I guess I should have known really.


7 Jun 2010

Friday Night Stockwell Sweatbucket Skatefest!

The Birthday Skatebash for Johners on Friday night was a killer night. Skating pretty solidly from 7 till midnight with BBQ sausages, Burgers and Beer for energy, seemed to work just fine.

Faces in attendance include Jamie Aarrgh, Laurie Sherman, Martyn T, Tall Tim, French, Ivan and many more locals such as Leo,Will, James and Jack was skating (tut tut jack), even Justin Brock turned up and threw down some beastly tricks like a F-S Big-spin Lien on the bowl, properly sick. I was enjoying skating so much I didn't pull my camera out of my bag once, so you'll have to take my word for it.

Martyn was killing it all night, skating topless with the cornish flag draped over him, rolling around after trying to ollie the weirdest lines and losing a few inches of skin and hitting up Drop-knee 50-50's on the block at full speed in the dark around midnight. Like I said, I have no pictures so here's a photo of martin doing a road gap a little while ago.

Stockwell has the unique ability to produce nights like Friday. The BBQ on the grass, a good mix off people, visitors from all over London and the British Isles and thanks to Mr. Brock we even had the Trans-Atlantic flavor handled.

I wonder who's birthday is up next?


2 Jun 2010

Party Time! Ex-cement!! ...Concrete actually.

So it's nearly summer proper and that means the Birthday skates are coming quick and fast. I missed French's as I had other more boring commitments, that I'd rather not go into.

I'm a lot gutted, as not only is it always a good time for skating but Habgood was in town too. Not to worry, I was down in Bristol again at the weekend and made up for it with a session at the Deaner with Habgood aand Dave "The Jazz" Plews. Pob made an appearance but wasn't skating due to a non-skate related broken toe, get well soon Pobber!

Here's a crappy sequence of Joe skating the Locals Only Section with a Lien to Tale>>>>>>>>>>

The next of the birthday bashes is this Friday, in the honour of Johners the Johns or Iggy to you. Stockwell is the place, after work is the time. The flyer is at the bottom of the page, get down there, I will be.

Let's get it done!!