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31 Jul 2009


Wednesday was a perfect illustration of just having faith, thinking positive and seeing what happens.

I'd arranged to meet up with Marcus in Camden that night to shoot some photos, of course I wake to the sound of rain. I needed to ride the 13 miles to Soho with a full camera bag on my back, in the rain, in the hope that it would be dry in the evening. I decided to put my trust in the English weather. I know.

Well what do you know, there was a thunderstorm at 4.30 pm but it was still just about dry when I got to the Three Amigos shop in Camden around 7:00. Three Amigos is a proper skate-shop. It reminded me of walking into Surrey Skates as a teenager, loads of boards, a nicely stocked t-shirt rail and a skate video playing that it's ok to sit and watch, even if your aren't buying anything, Kev likes the company.

Once Murcus arrived it was still not raining and we got some shots in the bag and then finally the heavens opened, just in time for the 15 mile ride home. At least we got the shots.

Here's a taste of just a little of what was got...


17 Jul 2009

Stockwell Sequencizenator!

One of the many that traveled from far and wide to make the Stockwell jam an unqualified success went by the name of Whip.

That's right, you missed him, he was back to the place he loved for so long before moving back down to Cornwall whence he came. Once a local, always a local, isn't that how it goes? He skated like a man possessed from the minute I arrived. To say that he was excited doesn't quite cut it, if you know whip you know what I mean. He slowly destroyed himself over the period of about 7 hours and 10 beers.

Whip loved the first version of the mini vert quarter that Jeremy built, he loves the new one even more.

I told you I'd drag these photos out didn't I?


Whip showing some love to place he
used to call home. FS 50-50 180 out.

16 Jul 2009

Drag out the FUN

I've noticed that there are blogs out there that get an awful lot of mileage out of the Maloof Cup. You know, that big money comp that attracts the big name by offering the big bucks.

Well I have the Stockwell Fun Day. I took a few photos but most of the time I was drinking beer and getting sun burned, I also had to leave early, so my trawl of photos from this year's event isn't as numerous as usual. That's not going to stop me though.

I'm going to try and drag this out for the full two weeks.

Master of ceremonies for the skate stuff was Jimmy, calm, collected, smooth,
are words seldom associated with Jimmy

Whereas "smooth" is exactly the word I'd use to describe
Jack's skating all day. Indy over the new hip.

10 Jul 2009

Up And Running

Yes, Yes!

Ok so it's finally happened, the Lizard Mag has moved the blog off MySpace and onto Blogger.
I'm sure there will still be the odd MySpace Blog update but this is now the new spiritual home of the most individual UK Skateboard publication.

Just to keep you going for a day or so here are a couple of picture's from last weekend's Stockwell Jam.


Johners getting in the way of some gritty social realism.

And here we have Jesus going for the extra big wings

I'm going to have to ask Biebel about this one?