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19 Aug 2010

The Hidden Benefits of Forgetfulness

Everyone thinks Digital Photography is a walk in the park and a bed of roses and generally a piece of piss with absolutely no pitfalls what so ever. Bollocks!

I had a bunch of photos that I'd save to disc and left in a case for a couple of years, went to look at them again and the silver layer of the CD had degraded and become transparent and so unreadable.. goodbye images.. FUCK!

last year I shot a bunch of photos and them on one of many SD cards, one that had given me a problem when downloading files from it a couple of times, when I came to edit the shots on my laptop the card was dead, unreadable, Ka-fuckin'-poot! To say I was annoyed is an understatement as it was first time a card has died on me. I've lost a couple, smashed one but generally had not-bad luck.

So imagine my surprise when looking for some e-bay related photography on the i-Mac I notice some un-named folders... well what do you know?? It seems that I must have needed to empty the card in a hurry, slapped them onto the i-Mac and completely forgotten doing it.. RESULT!

New technology, new problems, new surprises.

So here's one of the shots I thought I'd lost. Marcus giving it some on a Frontside Ally-Oop at Cantelowes.

Who's up for Stockwell at the weekend then?


3 Aug 2010

Nothing Ever Happens in Bristol... Hold on a minute!

So after a bit of a false start, the weekend began on Saturday with a drive down to Bristol for the Annual Deaner Day.

Normally an informal barge-fest with locals and visitors throwing themselves at the park in various states of inebriation while local bands play on the old band stand, this year Ghurka and Rings Around Saturn killed it.

The skating was spread over the usual park bits as well as the ever increasing DIY additions, including Habgood's Rainbow Rail/Deathtrap. Joe was the only person to make it over without getting hurt, actually scratch that, Joe was the only person to make it over. The wall ride got set on fire in order to add a new slippery and flamey flavour to that obstacle.

Of course the DIY creation that got the most attention was the newest of the Vert Quarters in the "Local's Only" installation at the top of the park.

Here are a few shots from that particular session.

Feebs to fakie

Frontside Hurraccacaine

Early-Grabs for the masses.

Front Blunts like it ain't no thing.

I'll hopefully get a few more up later this week.