17 Jul 2009

Stockwell Sequencizenator!

One of the many that traveled from far and wide to make the Stockwell jam an unqualified success went by the name of Whip.

That's right, you missed him, he was back to the place he loved for so long before moving back down to Cornwall whence he came. Once a local, always a local, isn't that how it goes? He skated like a man possessed from the minute I arrived. To say that he was excited doesn't quite cut it, if you know whip you know what I mean. He slowly destroyed himself over the period of about 7 hours and 10 beers.

Whip loved the first version of the mini vert quarter that Jeremy built, he loves the new one even more.

I told you I'd drag these photos out didn't I?


Whip showing some love to place he
used to call home. FS 50-50 180 out.

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  1. thats a rad tshirt that guys got, where can i get one?