27 Oct 2009

Being Indestructable Would Be No Fun.

So you go away on holiday to a Greek Island for a bit, you relax, you hang out with your beutiful fiancé and you generally recharge your batteries. You then arrive back home, crash your bike, bend all sorts of metal bits so the bike has to be retired for a while. You also manage to separate your collar-bone from your shoulder and now can't sleep on you right hand side, your favourite side.

Now we all know wearing a sling is a complete waste of time, so you keep riding your bike and never get round to dropping off the X-Rays to your local hospital and making the appointment with the Fracture clinic.

Of course the whole time you're not skating coz that would be irresponsible with a separated AC in your shoulder BUT riding around london all week is no problem and it doesn't really count because you r legs are doing all the work anyway.

Then you wake up your afore mentioned beautiful fiancé in the early morning hours by talking in your sleep, well sort of in a dream but you actually say it out loud, the world is out to get you and your shoulder hurts like fuck! You get up an go to the Hospital.

As of 9:15 am tomorrow, I will be back in the hands of the staff at the West Middlesex Hospital. My biggest fear? That they will tell be to stop riding my bike for a month.

Of course before all this happened I was down in bristol for the weekend to celebrate with the bristol Boys, a few Cornish were in a attendance and of course Joxa was there.

Here are a few memories frozen in time. Thanks to all who attended and made it a weekend to remember.

Here's Whip bending his board on a Frontside D at Filton.

Dave seems to think people are always taking pictures of him doing Front-Rocks.

Gritty Urban Realism at it's most real. I didn't have to encourage them one little bit.

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