19 Aug 2010

The Hidden Benefits of Forgetfulness

Everyone thinks Digital Photography is a walk in the park and a bed of roses and generally a piece of piss with absolutely no pitfalls what so ever. Bollocks!

I had a bunch of photos that I'd save to disc and left in a case for a couple of years, went to look at them again and the silver layer of the CD had degraded and become transparent and so unreadable.. goodbye images.. FUCK!

last year I shot a bunch of photos and them on one of many SD cards, one that had given me a problem when downloading files from it a couple of times, when I came to edit the shots on my laptop the card was dead, unreadable, Ka-fuckin'-poot! To say I was annoyed is an understatement as it was first time a card has died on me. I've lost a couple, smashed one but generally had not-bad luck.

So imagine my surprise when looking for some e-bay related photography on the i-Mac I notice some un-named folders... well what do you know?? It seems that I must have needed to empty the card in a hurry, slapped them onto the i-Mac and completely forgotten doing it.. RESULT!

New technology, new problems, new surprises.

So here's one of the shots I thought I'd lost. Marcus giving it some on a Frontside Ally-Oop at Cantelowes.

Who's up for Stockwell at the weekend then?


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  1. rad you found it!! i had the same thing, but my harddrive crashed, hadn't backed up in 27 days, lost about 100 decent skate shots, and a few really good sequences of the HOON team in SF. HArsH as fYck. Glad you got some back from the digital demons.