4 Nov 2010

Beers, Boards and Bangers.... (Sausages that is)

Here in London Town we've been experiencing a bit of a heat-wave. Only a week ago I was arriving at work on my bike having lost the feeling in my toes and yet last night we had the chance to skate until 10:30PM in our shirt sleeves.

When T-shirt weather is around in the summer you can sometimes let a day pass without a worry, safe in the knowledge that are more to come. In early November such complacency is not the kind of thing that Johners tolerates.

Last night at Stockwell was a mini BBQ night thanks to Adam bringing his gas stove and frying pan down. Beer and bangers were the order of the day and for a while were back in the height of summer, with the added bonus of a distinct lack of micro scooters and kids with no brakes.

Special thanks to Toby for supplying the Ketchup.

I could get used to this weather.

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