11 Jan 2011

Distant Clouds and Secret Squirrels

Happy New Year People!  Yeah, I know it's ove a week into the year of austerity and cuts, but [LIALC] promises not to let the dark clouds, that the press are constantly telling us are gathering, cast a shadow over the coming year.

Got a few things up the sleeve for 2011, issue 3 for starters, and interview with Toby Renton about the upcoming "OUT OF STOCK" exhibition and his vision for creativity and skateboarding and a few other bits that I can't talk about just yet. It's all a bit secret squirrel but not as secret as Chris Cole joining DC later this week.

So here we go. As it's early in the year, skate new is thin on the ground but one story has come in..  Dave "Jazz" Plews is still a skateboarder!!  Announced earlier today on facebook so it must be true.  here's a photo off him not skating to prove it.

And just because Johners is languishing is 2nd spot, to Whip, in "Most Coverd Skater" on this blog, I thought I'd stick a quick mini-sequence from the weekend that earned him the moniker of "The Angry Gnome".

So until next time, let's try and get a skate in.


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