25 Feb 2011

Thursday Night at the Spot, or, How I Learned to Love the Slime!

 By eight o'clock last night I calculated that so far this week Johners and I had collectively spent 4 hours drying the Spot for less that 5 minutes of total skating time. Between 8 and 10 o'clock last night we evened up the numbers a bit.

Even after  a day without rain Johners had arrived to find the two puddles still there, but with the usual elbow grease applied it was skatable, if a little damp.

It's only when skating it that you get an idea of just  how janky and tight what passes for the transition on this thing is. I was scraping my nose on the way up and my tail on the way down. Of course the best thing about skating stuff like this is, making a trick becomes a victory, at least it is for me.

The film of slimy mud that started to develop on the face of the transitions kept thing interesting but slowly we all started to get to grips with it.  Will was only walking home with his shopping, spotted people skating, realized it was us and after 5 minutes of spectating he ignored his ankle injury, went home to grab his board and joined the session.

I had a little digital compact camera in my bag, below are some of the shots that I managed to time the flash correctly.

Off to Bristol this weekend, so it's Dean Lane for me.


The slime

Johners, transfer to the micro-ramp

Toby getting to grips with the weird trannies

Blunt transfer into the wet

Back-D from Johners after transferring into the micro-section

Understandably sketchy front-pivot from Johners

Will with a Melon transfer

Will coming back the other way to flat

Johners loving tightness

Will rocking to fakie

Johners taking it to the flat

Toby pivots on the wet side