9 Nov 2011

Joxa & The Bear in Baby Hugging Shocker!!

Did you ever wonder what the Witchcraft riders get up to when they're not destroying a spot.  Hugging babies, that's what.

Who'd have thought these demonic shred overlords could be reduced to cuddly-skate-uncles simply by introducing them to a newly arrived human baby.  Well here's the evidence.

Joxa and Joe Habgood of Witchcraft Hardware with Baby

That photo was taken on Monday on the way back from Cornwall to London.  We  stopped off to say hello to the Bristol crew, which of course included  these two goons.  Joxa was in fine form enjoying his fairly recent relocation to Brizzle and Joe was suffering a bit from skate related smashed-up-body issues, some of which could probably be attributed to the recent HELLFEST jam at Prime Skatepark.

I missed the Jam but thankfully the guys at Prime put together great edit.  You'll spot both of these two in there along with more Witchcraft riders, see if you can spot them?

You should get down to skate Prime too, I've said it before, have you been there yet?  The Prime Website

You can keep a closer eye on what the Witchcraft team are up to here at the Coven's website.


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