9 Dec 2011

A Challenge to the Winter!

We skateboarders like to think that we are somehow inherently creative people. Maybe that's why skateboarding chooses us and asks us to keep testing ourselves,forcing us to make decisions as to how we are going to use our boards to interact with the physical environment, in a way that challenges us and so bring us feelings of achievement and pleasure.

Creativity is just another word for the ability to have ideas.  But where do ideas come from? Maybe the idea is always there, it's just waiting for someone to tune into it so they can find it, you know, when your subconscious train of thought suddenly changes track and pulls into the station marked "Inspiration".

I suspect that my train of thought has been suffering at the hands of cerebral industrial action and severe delays thanks to unscheduled engineering works. Why do I say this? Because of my latest idea, that's why.

As a reaction to me getting less and less time on my board thanks to increased family, work and parenting commitments, I have come up with a winning idea... at least it felt like that at the time.

If you're not skating much, the answer is to skate more right?  The dream is to skate every day.  So to be realistic I figured I'd do it for a month.  I'm writing this in the start of December and December means Christmas and loads stuff that's going to make it impossible, so I settled on January. Bollox! So I'm going to... Skate Every Day In January!

lizard in a lab coat skateboarding every day in january

January is officially shit.  It's gonna be cold, probably wet too... but maybe, just maybe skating every day will somehow brighten things up in the depths of a British winter.

So I'm going to skate evenings, weekends, lunch breaks at work, before work and probably quite a few stolen late night sessions at a covered curb spot. Hopefully I'll have people to skate with and I'm going to try to keep people informed of what's going on via this here blog.

Will my body hold up (currently encountering knee problems from getting over excited at the Stockwell Winter Games)? Will I run out of boards? Who will turn up to skate at these stolen 20 minute sessions? Will it inspire me to skate every day for the rest of my life? These and many other questions, some yet unknown, Will surely be answered in what is historically one of the most depressing months of the year.

Well, I've said it now, roll on January 1st.

See you out there.



  1. If your bushings ever get frozen/stiff in the winter, you should try out Bitter Bushings. Cold temperatures don't effect them.

  2. i'm there to skate an icy curb where ever you may be.

  3. New Year's Day is ON... details to follow.