16 May 2013

The Unnerving Peace and Nose-Grab Insanity.

Time has a habit of flying by these days.  It's been over a week since Johners and I got soaked to the skin at Stockwell only minutes after arriving for a relaxed skate, the day before the Annual Stockwell Jam.

The place was deserted and considering it was a bank holiday Saturday, it was strangely unnerving.  Of course, the benefit was that we almost had the place to ourselves, apart from James McLean and Stevie T. fresh from his power move onto the roster of INSANE skateboards.

If you're not aware of the place in UK skateboarding history that the INSANE brand holds, you could do worse that go and check out the website. 

For now, here's a photo of Stevie showing how Insane wood can put you up in the rarefied air above the bowl section at London's best skatepark.

See you out there.


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