17 Aug 2009

Love the Cradle

I remember the first couple of weeks after the new version of Cantelowes opened. The street course was small but always pretty busy, probably too busy. The bowl was the bit that I got most excited about, especially the cradle.

I've only managed to notch up a few backside grinds on the cradle and have watched as it got ridiculous with F-S Airs, Backside Airs, backside D's, I vaguely remember a B-S Smith too, it's almost all been done.

Here's some footage from a while back of Ross and Aaron showing how it should be done

Of course skateboarding being what it is, there's always other ways to use the cradle. While getting his legs warmed up Marcus thought he'd have a look.


Take it easy and enjoy this dry weather while it lasts.


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