8 Sep 2009

OK! Day 2 of... The [LIALC] Blog: Week Of Wac Sequences!

As I mentioned yesterday Stevie T made the journey up form Brighton where he has a skateshop that basically props up the entire Brighton scene called Another Skateshop at 29 Gloucester Road. I don't think he's got a website yet but if I discover otherwise I'll post it.

The shop is not the most interesting thing about Stevie, his skating is. He's one of the smoothest skaters I've ever known. He makes hard to skate places look like micro mini's and harsh, steep transitions look like flat banks.

Here is Stevie hitting up his current favorite trick on the tomb


As I like to tie in one item on this blog to another I should also mention that Stevie feature's in the new Andy Evans flick that premieres in Manchester and London this Thursday..

Here's the trailer..

And here's the London flyer.. get on it!!

See you there!


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