12 Mar 2010

Lovenskate Love in!

Today I popped over to the Lovenskate headquarters in East London to do some biziniz. It turned out to be the best afternoon of my week. It's always fun catching up with Stu and seeing what's on the Lovenskate radar. If you haven't noticed the Lovenskate creative behemoth has gone up a notch lately... click here to see the Lovenskate radness!, some nice vids on the team pages

Stu was kind enough to give me a few bits including "Super Jumbo" film that documents the 2007 Lovenskate trip to Bolivia, plus the odd postcard. I stupidly left the INJURY issue of the fansine sitting on a table, no day is ever perfect.

While I was there being fed and supplied cups of tea Stu managed to get a compromising photo of me in an emotional moment with a cup of tea, so by way off a preemptive strike, here's a photo I took of Stu at the Super Jumbo premiere.

Lovenskate is one of those companies that are doing it for the right reasons and doing it with a great big smile on their face, they deserve your support, Skater Owned, what else can I say?


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