15 Mar 2010

Cornish Skate Celebrity Twists the Arm of Fate

Not normally given to bowing to public pressure [LIALC] has decided that just this once, it's OK.

The blog has definately been getting a bit sporadic lately what with Severe Weather, Injury, Illness and the Festive Season all conspiring to create a climate in which blogging becomes almost a masochistic pursuit. But with the right motivation I can shrug off the the this lackadaisical mood.

Thankfully Whip is on hand to bug me about the photos from the not-so-recent trip to Newport. I had made a somewhat ill advised promise to get photos up within a week of my original post. That kind of thing never gets past the Whipster and, as a prolific blogger himself, he would never leave such a painfully long pause.

So, without any further a'do, may I (re)introduce to you, the wonderful, the stoic, the classically mustachioed Mr Chris "Whippet" Bisson...

When you get to the Newport park, make sure to try to skate the tight little transition with about a foot and a half of vert that you'll see as you walk in. That's the transition in the photo above, on which Whip is sticking this Rocck'n'Roll.

As a result of me posting the above photo, I'm pretty sure in saying that Whip is now the most heavily featured skater on this blog. If you go back to the Myspace days of this blog the statistics get really scary.

So if you still can't get enough of the Whip here, you could always find out what goes on inside the mind off this UK Skateboarding Celebrity by checking the The PikeRust blog!

Now as you may remember from issue #1 of the printed version of [LIALC] whip has a very nice example of a 1972 Raleigh Esquire. Last week he managed to pick up some beautiful white wall tyres, so here is a picture of the Esquire sporting the fresh look.

No more promises from me regarding when or what get's blogged next, who knows what the universe has in store for the Lizard-Mag Blog... let's just see what fate decides to dish up eh?


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  1. that photo is fucked! i'm not sure what my legs are doing...mind you...i dont think they are either..