15 Jul 2010

Legend of the Abandoned Bowls

I wonder how many mentions there are of rain on this blog each summer, someone with more time on their hands would probably look into that and come up with a definitive number... don't hold your breath.

Yesterday in the South East was wet, sporadic showers is how they describe it. Thankfully it was warm enough for the Meanwhile Bowls to dry out in time for my arrival for an evening roll. I figured there would be a few of the usual Wednesday night regulars there, some would be scared off by the rain, but the hardy few would still be up there.

I was wrong. I couldn't have been more wrong.

There were about 8 BMXers there when I arrived but soon they were more intent on getting stoned, so for about an hour I had the place to myself. A few puddles kept things interesting but that's about it. I don't often skate on my own and I'd forgotten how much I dislike it. Inspiration, motivation and conversation are things that the people you skate with provide and when they're not there, I notice. By 8:30 PM the next shower came and killed the one-man session for the night anyway.

Having the place to myself was great, but ultimately shit too.

Personally, it's not over until I turn up and the place is so wet it's un-skateable. The great thing is, I got a skate in last night. I'm planning on doing the same tonight.

Fingers crossed.


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