20 Jul 2010

Never say Die... or SEX.

You probably already know that the Jam/Comp that was planned for Laupside last Saturday didn't go ahead, mainly due to Laupside no longer existing.

It transpired that the local council demolished it on Friday morning, the day before the Jam. It has been mentioned that painting the date of the Jam on the wall of the spot may not have been the most covert publicity tool and that councils tend not to see irony in use when a web flyer announces "Skate Jam, Skate Comp, BBQ, Raffle, Beers, SEX"

You can just imagine the weird happenings that little list conjured up in Mr. Council Man's mind. Obviously the only possible course of action left was to make sure this debauched BBQ-RAFFLE-SEX party could not take place...the cry when up... "SEND IN THE BULLDOZERS!" ... and Laupside was no more.

BUT.... before Laupside there was another spot (that will remain nameless). For those who still came along we knew where we needed to go. Considering this was a second choice/emergency option it's pretty damn good.

Thankfully rain stayed away and the turnout was pretty damn good. Just some of the people in attendance were Witchcraft Coven (French, Sam, Jamie, Jake and Nico), Stevie Thompson, Stu Love'n'Skate, Laup himself, Alex I, and many more. the BBQ and Raffle went off without a hitch. After food there was even a kick-a-bout that nearly broke my foot when I mistook the ground for the ball. Definitely no SEX at any time.

Here are a few shots that I managed to get, to be honest I was having too much fun skating.

Jamie pole-jamming the super sketchy pole.

Chris P. front blunting the block

Alex pole-jamming to tail smack

Sam destroying the quarter

Thanks to all involved for a great day in the face of bureaucratic adversity.


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