30 Mar 2011

Unofficial Rules Of Skate-Spot Tooth Retention

It's all very well skating DIY spots if you are lucky enough to get access to them. But there is definitely an etiquette that should be observed. Helping to build the spot is a pretty good way of making sure you can sleep at night after skating the result of someone else's hard work.

Respecting the secrecy of the spot is another key element to this exchange of skating rights. Never tell people about the spot unless you have cleared it with those who have put the effort in.  Ownership is said to be 9-tenths of the law, when it comes to DIY skate spots it's 10-tenths.

One thing I heard recently that you most definitely do NOT do is rename the spot as if it's magically transferred ownership into part of your property portfolio.  Imagine me rocking up to Burnside and announcing "Lizardside" had a much better ring to it. How many teeth do you think I'd have left in my bloodied and bruised skull on the flight home? 

There are many things in life where I don't practice what I preach but this weekend I'll be paying my dues for skating a certain DIY spot. A bit of hard labour will be good for my soul, and as one of my favourite t-shirt says "Sometimes skateboarding is about not skateboarding".

It also gives me an excuse to buy more tools.

So get out there and get involved, we all need to build more stuff.


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