13 Jun 2011

Skateboard Peacockery Gone Mental.

This weekend was one of those "Summer Weekends".  No not the one's when the sun beats down on the UK with it's unremitting, sunburning love. Nor the one where you have low expectations and through a series of coincidences and joyful happenstance you end up having the weekend of your life.  No.  It was one of those "Summer Weekends" when the weather makes events move, cancel and generally underwhelm. The worst bit is, there's no-one really to blame.

I was all set to go to Clissold Park to see the Creature destroy the new park there but following some late internet updates left me under the impression that stop had been dropped from the tour (I still don't really know that for sure). Luckily the Supra team, including Greco, Ellington, Lizard King, Ali Boulala, Stevie Williams and the enigma that is Tom Penny were due to be at Stockwell on Saturday too.  Result, I love options.  As it turns out, so do team managers.

Late on Friday I discovered that the Supra demo is now happening at Bay66, much easier for me to get to and the dry option for a UK summer. off I go.

First stop off at Meanwhile Bowls for a quick hour long skate, glad I did as I was lucky enough to catch Martin Herrick back in the UK for a fleeting visit. Then it was off to Bay66, grab a new board from Stand-up Skateshop, grip it and have a skate on the mini-mini with Aaron, Terrance, Bullit, Irish Steve and a few others before the crowds arrived.

I shouldn't have been too surprised to see that Greco, Ellington, Lizard King, Ali Boulala weren't actually skating, but the acoustic guitar was on hand, just in case the urge to busk took hold instead.  Not that they would have had any room to skate as the driveway section of the park was awash with videographers, all of whom I'm pretty sure were part of the Supra set-up.  There were more than a couple of occasions when skaters were having to bail a trick thanks to a camera-guy getting in the way. Death Lens Overload Continues!!!

Stevie W. and Penny were out there skating pretty hard. The best bit of the demo for me had to be Tom Penny's shoes. Fuck me!  Seriously, when you think of the shit that Dylan Reider took for his ballet shoes it's going to be interesting to see how people react to Mr. Penny's choice of footwear.

Here they are..

Personally I think it's pretty RAD that he can skate in them at all.  I doubt I'll be scouring e-bay for a pair in a size 12 going for less than £30, but then I shy away from almost any form of Peacockery when it comes to my clothes choices, on or off the board. 

Actually, d'you know what, fuck-it my birthday's only round the corner and what's £125 for a sharp lookin' skate-shoe eh?

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