4 Jul 2011

Blown Legs and the Need for Speed!

So you may have noticed that the posts have dropped of a little lately.  The reasons for this are many but the main one can be traced back to becoming a Dad and average hours of sleep a night dropping to a bare minimum.  This has meant that the legs are not recovering from cycling and skating in the way they used to.

Of course excuses don't pay the bills, but solutions most certainly do.  So it was time to get a throbbing engine between my legs.

Of course motorbikes and skateboarding have a long relationship, and the motorbike in a city like london is a perfect fit. So on Saturday I picked up the new [LIALC] company transport.

So if you are at a spot and think you can hear a giant hair-dryer coming your way, it could well be me arriving with fresh legs and flies in my teeth.


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