2 Jun 2010

Party Time! Ex-cement!! ...Concrete actually.

So it's nearly summer proper and that means the Birthday skates are coming quick and fast. I missed French's as I had other more boring commitments, that I'd rather not go into.

I'm a lot gutted, as not only is it always a good time for skating but Habgood was in town too. Not to worry, I was down in Bristol again at the weekend and made up for it with a session at the Deaner with Habgood aand Dave "The Jazz" Plews. Pob made an appearance but wasn't skating due to a non-skate related broken toe, get well soon Pobber!

Here's a crappy sequence of Joe skating the Locals Only Section with a Lien to Tale>>>>>>>>>>

The next of the birthday bashes is this Friday, in the honour of Johners the Johns or Iggy to you. Stockwell is the place, after work is the time. The flyer is at the bottom of the page, get down there, I will be.

Let's get it done!!

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