19 Apr 2011

A Sacrifice in the Name of The Spot

Martyn Thomas has just released a great little edit of a session at The Spot that went down a couple of weeks ago.

I've not managed to skate there since and watching this has made me even more determined to make time to go and skate the place that I had a small part in helping build.

Having often been the guy with the camera who ends up with no shots because I was having too much fun skating, I fully appreciate Martyn sacrificing his time skating to shoot this footage (He shreds by the way), and let's face it, this thing didn't edit itself?

So why don't you crack open a nice cold beer and spend the next 6 and a bit minutes watching some skateboarders having the time of their lives on a wednesday night in London.

The Secret Home Made Skate Park... from Martyn Thomas on Vimeo.

I'll be there tomorrow night.


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