28 Apr 2011

Up Close And Personal With Kingston Crete.

Today I decided to take an hour off to go see how the work on the Kingston Skatepark was coming on.

The short answer is.. DONE (but not yet skateable - I'll come back to this)

They are putting the finishing touches to one section of flat at the open end of the bowled section and the long ledge. After a bit more tidying up and painting it will be finished.

I had a chat with Duncan, the project manager, who explained that they were handing over the site to the council later this afternoon.  There are tiny bits to be done, all the rough looking bits you can see are to be painted green and everything needs to dry properly too (so don't skate it yet... you will fuck it up!)

I'm not going to comment on the design of the park just yet. I might have a few issues but I'm going to wait until I've skated it before doing that. There are a few things that I suspect might bother me but then, I could say that of almost anywhere I've skated.

Take a look at the pictures below and see what you think.


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