14 Jun 2010

Meanwhile Gardens Gallic Voodoo Child

Sunday morning in west london was a bright and Sunny one, right up until I threw my board bag on my back and got by bike out of the shed... then the dark ominous clouds came upon the day. This was just one of those things. I made myself feel OK about it by sticking a spare black-bin-liner in my bag to protect my board should it start raining on the ride up to Meanwhile Bowls.

Thankfully it was dry the whole way there and it didn't managed a single drop all day, despite the passing of many a dark cloud. As a result the park was really quiet leaving Adam, Jamie, Alan (fresh from his trip to France), Zac (with Poet in tow) Jotham, Phil and Myself to get on with the serious business of having fun on our boards.

Alan was kind enough to bring back a vintage bottle of Cidre back from france for Jamie and it seemed to have a form of medicinal, almost voodoo-like effect on Jamie's skating.

The Lien Air challenge, between Jamie and Johners was resurrected, and Jamie was like a man possessed. Even after Johners made the nose-grab air over the hip (winning the prize of one pint of lager) Jamie would not be deterred. He was throwing his board down and flying round the bowl and heading for the hip like his life depended on it. As he bailed an attempt he would hit the ground running and get straight back up to the top for the next run.

And then...

Of curse he crowd went wild... although Poet couldn't have given any less of a shit.

Keep an eye out for a few more shots from Sunday's Meanwhile session over the next couple of Days.


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