11 Jun 2010

It's all about the Kevs

Friday already and it's all happening.

You may have seen this on other media outlets but it's time that [LIALC] got it out to the masses, in order to make sure no-one misses out. The footage features team riders from Kev McKeon's new venture, Stand-Up Skate Shop.

Riders include Miguel, Tim Prozorov, Aaron Sweeney, Kevin McKeon, Nicola Del Sarto, Marcus Adams and Alex Lally who have moved with Kev to the new 100% Skater Owned Shop based at Bay 66.

You know a I mentioned that there was something due to happen over at the Witchcraft site.... well it's happened.. check it out HERE . Top work boys.

As I've been busy doing other things for a while I decided it was time to pull out a few shots from the archives, so here's one of the other Kev (Firth) skating the Oxford Street benches while out for a bit off filming with Alan Christensen for his Nightriders film.

Here's the full finished edit so you can see the what else happenned that night.

Right I'm off to figure out where I'm going tto skate at the weekend.



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