2 Jan 2012

S.E.D.J. Day 2 - Sunbury Skatepark... well, a bit of it.

So today I skated alone... I skated Sunbury...alone.  This will not be the last time this month I skate alone, I'm sure of that.  Rach and Harper were there for moral support and Sam arrived toward the end of my skate, none of them felt the urge to shred, probably due to the dangerous amount of standing water in the park.

SEDJ sunbury skatepark lizard in a lab coat
I don't care what you say, the wet-look is so NOT hot right now.

I had my broom with me but it was 9.30 in the morning, with a low winter sun not even able to see the bottom of the bowl sections, so I had to make do with the flat bank facing the quarter of the table top. After  a good clean up even here I had to be super careful to hit the flat going nice and straight, any amount of turn and I was sliding out. But what was I going to do.. give up?

SEDJ sunbury skatepark lizard in a lab coat
This is the bit I was left to skate.

Not likely.  It's only day 2 for Christ's sake! Anyway, I rarely skate banks so figured this was the perfect opportunity to get acquainted again.  This maybe one of the great advantages of doing this whole thing.  If this park had been dry there's no way I would have skated that bank, so already it's changing how and what I skate.

SEDJ sunbury skatepark lizard in a lab coat
The long view from the bowl

Had the park been dry I would have had a fucking ball.  I had the whole place to myself and two other kids and the layout of the park really lends itself to cruising about and hitting the hips into the bowl, back out and head up to the quarter at the back, down past the fun looking low rail an hubbas that lead you back to the entrance to the bowl again.  I can't wait to get a dry morning down here to take advantage.  One thing to note is that scootergits are early risers and they had started to arrive in groups of three by 10.30am.

SEDJ sunbury skatepark lizard in a lab coat
This section looked really fun.

It's far too early in this endeavor to start getting upset with the British weather, there'll be plenty of time for that.  As frustrating as it is to have this park at my mercy, covered in water on what was actually a dry bright morning I can't help feeling positive.  I snatched skate of over an hour, I didn't get rained on and I now know where to park to get to this little gem.

SEDJ sunbury skatepark lizard in a lab coat
From the far end looking back at the bowl.

Tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow it's going to be curb skating special.  Being back at work means time is tight and being married with a little girl means the only time available to be is to grab an hour of skating about 10:30PM.  The Kingston curb is going to get it like it's 1991. If you know it then you'll know where I'll be.

Hopefully see you down there.



  1. Dude, I too am on a daily quest after ages not being able to ride, after 2 sessions I'm still looking for any form of pop and resisting the urge to go to comfort zone grind and liptrickery.

    I feel your pain but hope to turn lack of skating to some form of advantage and come back hopefully with an ollie higher than 6" soon!

    Next stop Royal Oak


  2. Good on ya Phil. I'm detriment to get my pop back too, it's always a case of practice makes perfect. I'll be doing a lunch-time/evening Royal Oak session at some point next week. Keep an eye out.

  3. Well if you are around next wednesday eve its my coming of age and gonna have some beers/pool at the elbow rooms, so ill have a sneaky sesh at Royal oak or meaners at 6 and then jog on to the Elbow rooms for a beer or two if your about........