10 Jan 2012

Video Evidence of The S.E.D.J. Day 8.

Adam "Johners" Johns has just posted a video of some of the Day's skating from Sunday.  As with my post, Jamie "Harry" Harrison is all over the edit, he was on fire that day, and I know that he was paying the physical price for it yesterday.

One to watch out for is Johners very own ollie into the banked wall from the boat-bench, Alex was on filmer duty at that point.

So now enjoy the experimental film making stylings of Johners and co.


  1. Keep it up Scott! SEDJ is the new lifestyle - I've only managed S2DJ so far!

    I tried to post a few days ago but it was on my phone, so didn't work.


    Pig Dog

  2. Cheers PD, I'm getting loads of support which makes it a lot easier. Habgood mentioned trying to meet up somewhere between Bristol and London on the last weekend of Jan. I'll keep you posted.