6 Jan 2012

S.E.D.J. Day 5 - White Grounds - The Forgotten Park

Admittedly by that I mean that I'd forgotten it was still there.  Mainly due to the fact that every time I've been there it's been locked up, forcing us to climb over the fence.  Of course there are advantages to that, you get the place to yourself.

Today I was accompanied by Martyn Thomas who took time out out from running his business to come and have a half hour skate with a deluded mate. After scaling the fence it was soon apparent that we'd made a classic mistake and arrived without any clean-up equipment, and to be honest we wouldn't have needed much, just something to clean up the puddles at the bottom of most of the banks.

We both tried riding just riding through them but the concrete is here is nice ans smooth and so deadly when wet. That left us with the option of skating around the water, we didn't really have time to waste on mopping up anyway.

I'd ridden over from Soho on the motorbike in about 15 minutes and needed to get back roughly on the hour so it was half an our of skating what we could. For the first Smash'n'Grab session of Skate Every Day in January (S.E.D.J.) I was happy.  I had a good friend to skate with and I figured out a few things that will get me out of the office and back a bit more smoothly next time. 

Another bonus was rediscovering the White Grounds, next time I'll just throw a copy of the metro in my bag and we'll be rocking. It's actually a great littel park with quirky lines and some properly challenging bits.  Who knows, maybe this one will last beyond S.E.D.J., I hope so. Thanks to Martyn for suggesting the park and heading out to skate too.

Tomorrow is another Smash'n'Grab, this time it's Victoria Park to hook up with Kev McKeon and any of you lot who fancy heading down for a skate at about 1.15PM? Com on, have a lunch-time skate, it's great for your digestion.



  1. loads and loads of bird poo!

  2. Yep... I can't tell you haw many times I nearly got that crap on me.