23 Jan 2012

S.E.D.J. Day 23 - Stockwell Skate By Street-Lamp Light.

SEDJ banner Logo Lizard in a lab coat [LIALC]

I'm going to be quick again tonight.  I need to get to bed before midnight for once.  I was knackered anyway but after only 2 hours sleep last night, thanks to a sick and yet strangely mischievous baby, I'm on my knees.

Today was a nice change from the last couple of Mondays' lunch time skates.  This time I met up with Adam (Johners) at Sockwell for an hour. We were the only two skaters there.  Adam and I share a strange enjoyment of skating Stockwell in the dark in winter; The Park is lit much better than you would think and it's always quiet.  The cold is normally the big problem but I think we all understand that you are rarely cold while actually skating.

SEDJ Johners at stockwell Lizard in a lab coat [LIALC]
Adam: Red-Eye Reduction ON
SEDJ Stockwell tight pocket skatepark Lizard in a lab coat [LIALC]
I love this section of the park. Plenty of opportunities to come a cropper.
SEDJ Johner frontside carve stockwell skatepark Lizard in a lab coat [LIALC]
If you look closely you can see the memory of a Johners shaped carve in the super tight pocket.
You may have noticed that I'd left my digital compact camera at the office by accident so was reduced to my phone. What a pile of crap; oh well.  I got the photo's I needed.  Day 23 was a good laugh. Hacking it around the park with Johners, having a chat and generally having a nice relaxed skate.  Thanks Adam.

Tomorrow is Day 24. Tomorrow is a Tuesday...... so that means a Kingston Car Park Training session.  Hopefully see you tomorrow from 10:00pm.

Now, I sleep.


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