11 Jan 2012

S.E.D.J. Day 10 - Car Park Tarining, Again.

This skate represented, as near as damn it, one third of Skate Every Day in January completed.  The thought of how knackered my legs feel now and then do it all over again, twice, does not fill me with joy.  I really need to figure out a way to get some life back in them.

It always feel worse at the start of this kind of Flat-ground/Street-skating/curb sessions, mainly because it takes me a while to warm up.  Sunday was the first time I've ever consciously "Warmed Up" before a skate, but I'm converted now.  Getting my tired legs back into ollie mode takes a good 10 minutes.

Tonight I was skating with Sam and Dave, this was the second time for both of these two to lend their support to S.E.D.J. and thanks go to both of them for coming out to skate a car park in Kingston at 10:00pm on a Tuesday night.

 I really enjoyed skating with these two, having a curb session and watching Dave get his nose wheelies back over the manny pad and all three of us sampling the simple pleasure that is grinding a curb, whether it's a frontside slappy, and 50-50 or a 5-0 they all sound and feel so good in the enclosed space of a car park.

So not a ground breaking skate for Day 10, not even a particularly hi-octaine skate either but a good hour and half of getting back to the roots of skateboarding, oh and even re-learning to no-comply.

Day 11 is a Wednesday Night Special at Playstation/Bay66 with a very quick stop-off at Meanwhile II on the way up there.  I'm hoping the post Christmas lull will be over and a few more faces put in an appearance for the session.  If you feel like a mini-ramp snake session with Me and Johners, you know where to be.


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  1. Sam & Dave, the soul men of local late night skateboarding.