1 Jan 2012

S.E.D.J Day 1 - Off and Running.

Day 1 of Skate Every Day in January and it's probably a taste of things to come but getting a session under my belt was a great way to start the year.

If you want Stockwell to yourself, you when to go; January 1st, 12 noon.

I made it to Stockwell for touch after mid-day to find Johners already there.  Considering we had both been out celebrating the New Year , me pulling a 4.00am and Johners about 5.00am, I think we did pretty well to get out in time. It was good thing too. The park was still damp with the usual puddles but enough dry park to have a good roll, but that wouldn't last.

The gregarious, camera loving, socialite known as Johners
Johners even bought lunch. If he hadn't turned up, it would have sucked.

I know better to trust the weather-reports but when your planning on skating every day you have to get a bit of guidance. Today's weather was for rain in the after noon, at 1 it tried, and at about 2 it finished the job off good and proper. Maybe I should keep reading the weather forecasts.

Not the first time and it sure as hell won't be the last.

I'm going put today down as a success. I skated outdoors at my favorite park with a really good friend, skated my hangover away and made it home, if a little damp, just in time for a Sunday roast that Rach had cooked. Stoked!

Let's see how it goes tomorrow at Sunbury Skatepark, this one's going to be a flying visit at 9:30am for an hour. If you're in the area... you know what to do.

Hope to see you out there.



  1. rad. I went to sunbury for the first time on christmas eve. A sick park and although dry, there was still mud everywhere... equals slipping out :(
    Great to see you're SEDJ is started well :) nice one Scott!

  2. Cheers Harriet, check Day 2 to see how I fared at Sunbury. Thanks for the comment. see you soon.